Double Double Bonus

How to play Double Double Bonus poker


- Draw to make the best 5-card poker hand according to the payout table.

How to Play

  • 1. Choose the stake (stake value) in the “STAKE” slider. 
  • 2. In the “HANDS” slider select how many hands you want to play. Each hand costs selected stake. 
  • 3. Click DEAL to receive your 5-card hand. This is a game of Draw poker, so you will be given one opportunity to receive new cards. You may take up to 5 new cards, but do not have to take any. Only hands shown in the paytable will win the corresponding prizes. 
  • 4. On first (original) hand select which cards you wish to hold by clicking on them. If you change your mind about the cards you’d like, simply click again to deselect. "Hold click" will hold cards across all other hands. 
  • 5. Click DRAW to be dealt your new cards. Each hand has its own deck. If you get a winning hand, you’ll be paid according to its value. Cards that are a part of win combinations are highlighted. The name and win amount of win combination is shown for each hand.


- DEAL/DRAW - hotkey is Enter 
- Hold/unhold cards - use numbers 1 for 1st card, 2 for 2nd card,...


Payouts are clearly visible in the game and might vary according to the selected stake and number of hands. The actual values that will be awarded will be colored.

House Rules

- This single player draw poker variation is played with a virtual deck of 52 cards. Each hand has its own deck. 
- The stakes and paytable of the game can be changed by game provider.


To participate in the Double Double Bonus Poker game a Player must be at least 21 years of age.


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