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pinning cube 2 – Brief summary

Through the button ‘stake’ – at the bottom of your screen – you can decide what bet you like to place. During the next games, you can always adapt this bet, what means that your bet isn’t fixed from the moment your take part in your first game. Do you decide to not change this bet? Then you play for the same bet as the bet of your previous game.

By clicking on the button ‘start’, you start the first game. You’ll get to see three dices, placed one below another, at the top in the middle of your screen. These dices need to be placed in one of the four squares below. Next it’s up to you to play dices of equal type next to each other, horizontally or diagonally. Gambling fun guaranteed!

Top right, you can find a scoring system, which you can use in order to discover the value of playing lines with identical dices. At the end of each game, the total score is calculated, after which your total profit is paid out.

In case that you can score in three out of four squares, the total score is multiplied by 1,5. If you succeed in scoring in all four squares, the total score is multiplied by 2. Sometimes the game offers you a fifth game. If you succeed in getting three green Chinese dices on a row into one section, the ‘5th box counter’ will determine the number of games, during which you can play with five squares. Do you also succeed in scoring points in each of these five squares, then your total score will be multiplied by 2,5! If you fill in a square with nine identical dices, you’ll automatically receive 200 extra points in that square.

Possible bonuses

It’s possible, by obtaining a high score, that you’ll receive ‘mystery’ games. Then these game can be played with an enhanced paytable. The value of the minimum profit per ‘mystery’ game is mentioned on the screen. U can win such ‘mystery’ games by obtaining thousand five hundred points or more in a game or by forming a line consisting in three white dices with red signs in a game and by spinning ‘mystery’ in the following spin.

Spinning cube 2 with 36Win

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