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Summer Dice 2


What are online dice games?

Dice games is an umbrella term for all games involving dice that you can play online and offline in a casino. There is a huge range of dice games. The advantage of this is that you're sure to find one that you like.  

Aim of online dice games 

There are a wide range of dice games, however, the aim is always to get a good combination of dice. Dice games are essentially a crossover between a match 3 game and a dice slot. First choose your bet, then try to get the most valuable combination horizontally and diagonally. If you have a good combination of dice, you can win big.  

Dice games: the rules

The rules depend on the dice game you’re playing. As we explained above, there are a multitude of dice games. Find the game that appeals to you the most and check the rules and chances of winning before playing. Each game has its own rules, which are stated clearly for each game.  

In most games, you'll see some dice. You need to create as many good combinations as possible. You can play it safe with dice games, so you are basically guaranteed to win back your money and win a small profit. You can also choose to bet on the most valuable combinations. Your bet will be higher but your chances of winning big also increase.  

After a while, you can play the bonus or mystery games, which increase your chances of winning further. 

What makes online dice games so fun?

Throwing dice is an age-old game. At 36win, we have given dice games a modern online makeover. All our online dice games are very accessible and you can play them whenever and wherever you like: on your computer, tablet or smartphone. The more often you play a dice game, the more insight you gain and the better you become at it. All you need to do to play is to create a profile on our website. Ready to roll the dice? Let's go!