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Wild Hot 40 Blow Dice

Dice slots

Play online casino dice games

Dice slots are very popular in the online casinos and offline game rooms in Belgium. With dice slots, you can easily play automated dice games. In our game rooms in Eeklo, Zingem or Lokeren, you just press the start button. And online, it's exactly the same. If the dice appear in the right order on the screen, you can win a tidy sum.

Aim of casino dice slots

There are many different types of dice slots. All dice slots have the same aim: you need to get the dice to appear in the right order. Choose your bet and then press the start button. You'll see dice appear in a particular order on different rows. The order is determined by the random number generator (RNG) and is therefore fully randomised. Depending on the dice game and your bet, you can win a tidy sum.

Rules of a casino dice game with dice slots

There are not many rules to follow when you play a dice game with dice slots. You determine the bet and then follow the instructions on the screen. In addition, the winnings and rules vary depending on the specific dice game you're playing.

What makes playing dice slots so fun?

Do you like to rely on your own good luck? In this case, a dice game with a dice slot is the right game for you. All the dice games are easy to play and you can decide how long you want to play. Would you rather play on a physical slot machine in one of our game rooms or do you prefer the ease of online gaming on your computer, tablet or smartphone? The aim is always the same: try to win the bonus or mystery games because they significantly increase your chances of winning. At 36win, anything is possible!