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Hong Kong Dice Jackpot


Play jackpot game online

Jackpot! Even if you've never had the chance to utter this word yourself, you'll undoubtedly have heard it shouted with glee at some point in your life. It means that someone has won a very large prize. The word ‘jackpot’ conjures up the sound of coins dropping and celebratory music. A jackpot is simply a large sum of money that you can win by gambling. Jackpots are exciting because it can take a long time before a lucky winner gets the jackpot.  

The word ‘jackpot’ originated in the early years of casinos in the US. Back then, people played a specific type of poker where the game would only begin once someone had two jacks. The pot would increase to a huge sum of money in the time it took for someone to get two jacks. This large pot of money could be won with a hand that included jacks, which led to the term ‘jackpot’.

The aim of online jackpot

The aim of jackpot is to win the ever-increasing pot of money. A pot that keeps increasing is also known as a progressive jackpot. In every online game, each player makes a bet. A portion of these bets is pooled into a jackpot. The jackpot total can be very high as a result. As you play the game, the jackpot keeps increasing until a player wins. The jackpot is won completely at random. This means that any time you participate in a jackpot game, you have the chance to win the jackpot. Dice slots and dice games are good examples of jackpot games.

Rules of jackpot

Choose the jackpot game you want to play. Try some demos to see which game you like the most. Follow the instructions to play the game. If the jackpot hits during your game, you will be redirected to another screen where you can see the different levels of the jackpot. At this point, you need to try to get three identical symbols. If you succeed, you will win the jackpot shown next to the symbol.

What makes an online jackpot game so fun?

The best part of a jackpot game is that you never know when the jackpot will be paid out. The longer the jackpot remains without a winner, the higher the total amount. This means you can win big prizes with a simple game and a modest bet. Jackpot games can also be played anytime and anywhere. All you need is an online account on 36win. Could today be your lucky day?