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Casino 36win stands for security, reliability and entertainment. In our offer of online casino games you will undoubtedly find a game that can become your favorite. Dice games, dice slots, card games, jackpot, blackjack, poker ... The range is huge. You play the games easily via your computer, tablet or cell phone. 36win is certified by the Belgian gaming commission and has, in addition to an online casino, also gaming halls in Eeklo, Zingem and Lokeren.


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36win: the online casino where anything is possible!

The 36win name is synonymous with security, trustworthiness and amusement. You're sure to find your new favourite game among our range of online casino games. Dice games, dice slots, card games, jackpot, blackjack, poker, and so on. There is a huge range to choose from. It's easy to play the games on your computer, tablet or smartphone. 36win is certified by the Belgian Gaming Commission and has game rooms in Eeklo, Zingem and Lokeren, as well as an online casino. 

Online casino in Belgium with a varied range

Competitive and serious or enjoyable and accessible. At 36win, you can play however you like. Want to win a huge jackpot? Try our jackpot module. Would you rather test out your poker face? Then you'll enjoy our poker game. A card game like blackjack is also the ideal way to relax after a long day at work. Do you prefer games of chance? A dice slot or dice game is a good way to spend your time. At 36win, we want you to be able to choose from a varied range of casino games. With our online casino, we bring the real-life casino to your living room. You can play your favourite casino game any time you like from the comfort of your home. 

Casino games with a security guarantee

36win’s online casino provides a 100% security guarantee for every game. You can rely on 36win to offer fair chances of winning, reliable payment methods and customer service that is always available. At 36win, you'll never be caught off guard. With a certificate from the Belgian Gaming Commission, we can demonstrate that the 36win casino is a safe gaming environment. 

Reliable online casino in Belgium

Looking for a reliable online casino in Belgium? 36win has taken efforts to ensure that you can play in a secure and pleasant environment. Try out the dice games, dice slots, roulette or poker and show people that you really know your stuff. Fun is guaranteed with the over 100 casino games! We find it extremely important that we are trustworthy. In an authorised and legal environment, we offer various options to allow you to keep your budget under control. Simply create an account and log in wherever and whenever you like.